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The Authentic RagaMuffin

How to be sure you are adopting the real thing!  The RagaMuffin

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Help us Breeders that are truly Breeding the “Authentic RagaMuffin Kitten” so we can ensure that

all Adopters are receiving the real thing!  It would astound you to know the number of breeders;

and not just in the RagaMuffin breed, the number of breeders that are selling mix breeds and you

are paying a lot of money and receiving something else.


The most important thing you can do to protect yourself is to make sure the Cattery is registered

with the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA), the American Cat Fanciers Association, (ACFA) or the

GCCF in the UK.


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Don't get scammed!  Be sure you are getting the real thing:

A RagaMuffin must be bred to another RagaMuffin for CFA/ACFA registration and to be an Authentic RagaMuffin!

A Ragdoll and Persian do not make a RagaMuffin!

A RagaMuffin and Ragdoll (or any other breed) is not a RagaMuffin!

A TICA registered RagaMuffin is not an Authentic RagaMuffin!

You see it all the time on Facebook when Breeders are calling their kittens RagaMuffins when in fact they are not RagaMuffins at all.  They claim the kitten is TICA registered and the registration papers will have a Ragdoll or Persian as one of the parents. Be sure the RagaMuffin Cattery you are dealing with is registered with the ACFA, CFA or GCCF along with the kittens being registered and if not,

This is not a RagaMuffin!


You will read a lot about a Breed Club, Registry, Cat Show Organization called The International Cat Association (TICA) which will register certain pedigreed breeds, however the RagaMuffin is not one of those.  They are primarily known for having “fun cat shows”, but they do not register pedigrees of for the RagaMuffin. They do not recognize the RagaMuffin Breed as a Pedigreed cat.

Registration papers only allow the RagaMuffin to be shown in the "Household Pet" category, not substantuating the pedigree!  BEWARE!

This is not a RagaMuffin!


For more information contact the ACFA, the CFA or the RagaMuffin Kitten Breeders


Read more on "RagaMuffins Info" to ensure you are buying the real thing!

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