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RagaMuffin Cat World

Louisville, TN
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We are glad you are here and hope you are as excited about the RagaMuffin Cat and RagaMuffin Kittens as we are. As you see the RagaMuffin Cats and kittens in the video, you will see why we found them too hard to resist and just had to have one.  No, we had to have two.  No, we had to be more invested than that with these adorable cats so we worked hard to become proud RagaMuffin Kitten Breeders of this cat breed which is “Truly A Cat Like No Other! “

As a member of the RagaMuffin Kittens Breeders and the RagaMuffin Associated Group, RagaMuffin Kitten Breeders are required to abide by a Code of Ethics to ensure that the RagaMuffin Cat and the RagaMuffin Kitten stay true to the breed and ensure you are adopting the AUTHENTIC RAGAMUFFIN!  But, more importantly, we strive for the health of the RagaMuffin. All our Breeding cats are tested and are negative for HCM/PKD.  Our cats are tested for FeLV/FIV and we are cattery negative.  RagaMuffins are a very healthy breed, and we intend to keep it that way.

RagaMuffin Cat World is registered with the CFA (Cat Fanciers' Association) and the ACFA (American Cat Fanciers Association).  All our RagaMuffin Cats and kittens are purebred and registered with the ACFA/CFA. After you have your kitten spayed/neutered you will contact the Cattery and a Kitten Slip will be emailed to you for registration in either the CFA or the ACFA or both. 

RagaMuffin kittens are a trusting center of attention and the middle of all the action.  Their disposition makes them great candidates for almost all families, and they excel as Emotional Support Animals.  We love having all the kittens grow up right along beside us sleeping and playing and even using me for a springboard in the middle of the night!  I know they are having a good time! 

Cat Fancy Association-CFA
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RagaMuffin Associated Group

From our Adopters!

CFA Breed Council Member


Adopted RagaMuffin kitten
ragamuffin kitten
ragamuffin kitten
ragamuffin cat
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Muffin Cat World's Lola, UT, Crystal

Muffin Cat World's Piper

Authentic RagaMuffin

Don't Get Scammed!

Read about

the Authentic RagaMuffin

How do you know you are getting a real RagaMuffin?

The Authentic RagaMuffin

ragamuffin cats

That is, if you are sure you are adopting “The Authentic RagaMuffin”. You would not want to miss out on this special breed.  So, adopters­ right now need to ensure that the cattery is a member of the ACFA, American Cat Fanciers Association, or the CFA, Cat Fanciers' Association. These are the only two registries in the States that keep a registry of purebred cats. Go to these sites and you will learn a lot more about the RagaMuffin.  The GCCF is a Registry in the UK and is acceptable too. CCC/CCA (Canada), WCF (Europe) are acceptable.

TICA, The International Cat Association does NOT keep a registry of purebred cats and at this time they do not recognize the RagaMuffin Cat as a Breed. They will allow a RagaMuffin to register as a household pet if one parent is a RagaMuffin. The other parent can be anything. Maybe it will change, but for now, that is the way it is.  These breeders should call them a RagaMuffin Mix. If the kitten is only registered with TICA IT IS NOT A RAGAMUFFIN!

There are other Clubs and Associations for RagaMuffins, however, they provide a different purpose other than following Pedigrees.



                     IT IS NOT A RAGAMUFFIN! more

ragamuffin kitten background

The RagaMuffin has been voted in the “Top 10 Most Popular Breeds” by several of the top Cat Publications!  As you read about the RagaMuffin Cats, you will easily

see why!

ragamuffin kitten background
ragamuffin kitten background
ragamuffin kittens for adoption

“The only thing more fun than one RagaMuffin Kitten

           –is two RagaMuffin Kittens!


All the RagaMuffin Kittens and Cats below have been adopted.


They represent some of the outstanding kittens throughout the years.  We can’t put them all since there are so many, so we will keep changing them and the Photo Gallery so you can see

“Our 2018-present- Outstanding RagaMuffin Kittens”.

cat graphic

 I look at them and they still seem like my babies!  

I love to keep up with our kitties and their Adopters.

See our Adopter’s Page for the many great comments about their kitties and

RagaMuffin Cat World.  

Our Adopters are encouraged to contact me anytime for anything even if just to say Hi!

These kittens and cats have been Adopted.

ragamuffin kittens
ragamuffin kittens
ragamuffin kittens
ragamuffin kittens for adoption
ragamuffin kittens for adoption
ragamuffin kittens for adoption
ragamuffin kittens for adoption
ragamuffin kittens for adoption
ragamuffin cat
ragamuffin kittens for adoption
ragamuffin kittens for adoption
ragamuffin kittens for adoption
ragamuffin kittens for adoption

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