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Updated Spring 2021

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The RagaMuffin Kitten Companion

Ragamuffins are great for every family, especially for people who live alone because they listen to their human and offer their loving purrs as a response. They are not energetic as some other breeds are, but that does not mean they are lazy: once their owners pull out their toys, they are ready to party!

These cuddly cats are a perfect combination of smart and sweet; they are people-oriented and described as puppylike due to their friendly temperament and willingness to learn tricks and games. They greet every visitor with a warm meow.

RagaMuffins and Nutrition

Information regarding Ragamuffins and nutrition has changed over the years because vets who specialize in nutrition for this breed are still conducting research on this matter. As of this date, much more research has been done.  What every living creature eats is of a crucial importance for their overall health. Therefore, learning about proper nutrition for a Ragamuffin can potentially save the cat from suffering through serious illnesses that can be painful and expensive.  The dry food of choice of most RagaMuffin Breeders is Young Again Pet Food and is the best food for the RagaMuffin.  Even though some vet’s recommend canned food only, RagaMuffin Breeders believe a combination of dry, Young Again Pet Food fed freely all day. I only feed dry food, no wet no raw only Young Again 50/22 dry cat food and my cats are thriving.

Cats are carnivores, meaning they rely on nutrients found in animal tissues to meet their nutritional requirements. Cats eat prey low in carbohydrates, moderate in fat content, and high in animal protein. Because of that, vets recommend canned food over dry food. Dry food contains protein, but it is more likely to contain some sort of a “plant-based protein” instead of “meat-based protein”. The main problem with plant-based protein food is that it does not contain the needed complement of amino acids that is required for every carnivore.

However, not every canned food is good for a Ragamuffin; some foods have a high content of carbohydrates, and thus, owners must carefully read the ingredient label on every canned food that they are planning to purchase for their Ragamuffin. That is exactly why I feed only YOUNG AGAIN PET FOOD. You can find a link on the bottom of each page of my website which will give you 10% off your order and free shipping.

During their kitten hood, Ragamuffins have high calorie requirements, so owners should leave a bowl full of dry food always, in addition to canned food twice a day. As the kitty is getting older, the intake of canned food should be decreased, while the intake of dry food should be increased.  Since the RagaMuffin is still a kitten for 4 years it is important to feed kitten food for the first 6 months. I still continue to feed Young Again 50/22 with canned kitten food (Fancy Feast Pate (turkey, chicken, beef only) No Gravy) only if they need it.  After the kitten stops growing bone (4 years old) you should feed Young Again Mature.  ….more


RagaMuffins and Exercising

Ragamuffins do have special needs when it comes to physical activities and exercising. Their physical activity consists of playing, jumping, and running – all with their owner. Relaxing, playing, and taking catnaps are the things they love to do. They are not into expensive and luxurious toys. What they need is a scratching post and a cat condominium that will provide them with hours to relax and play.

Ragamuffin owners have mentioned the following when asked about their cat’s favorite toys: catnip cigars; bird teaser – a wonderful teaser that will get the cat their needed activity and interaction with their owner; and battery-operated toys – the movement of these toys intrigues cats, especially if they look like a mouse.  They love a laser light!

It’s up to you to provide a little exercise and interact with your RagaMuffin.  I find that a lot of my kittens love to play fetch and as mentioned, the laser toys.

Grooming and Upkeep

The grooming procedure of the Ragamuffin cat is easy. Weekly combing is the most important part of the grooming routine, however you will find that your cat would like more!. To get the cat accustomed to being combed, I begin to brush and comb Ragamuffin kittens while it is still a kitten. Their fur does not clump or mat easily, and thus, the grooming is easy. However, to reduce hairballs and shedding, regular grooming is necessary. They love it!

The hair needs to be combed in the direction the fur grows. Combing is done gently and slowly. Ragamuffins shed all year long, but they shed more in spring and fall, so owners will need to groom their furry friend more often during these seasons because there will be more dead hair.

Hairballs might be a big problem in Ragamuffins, even in cats that are regularly groomed. There are specialized products that help cats with this problem.

Ragamuffins should not be bathed very often. They take great care in cleaning themselves, so owners only need to bathe their cats once or twice a year.

Although Ragamuffins do not use their claws, they require regular trimming. A scratching post will help the cat in removing the outer sheath of the nails, but the nail becomes sharper. Clipping needs to be done with special clippers on a regular basis (every two weeks).  You only need to clip off the tips so you do not get close to the quick.  While at the vet, take the opportunity to have them trimmed there.  

NEVER THINK ABOUT DECLAWING YOUR RAGAMUFFIN!! It is very painful and cruel for the cat for the rest of their lives and if I find you have declawed a kitten you have adopted from me, I WILL COME AND GET IT…BET ON IT!

As for dental care, owners should start cleaning their cat’s teeth as soon as possible to prevent plaque buildup which can cause gingivitis or inflammation.  Young Again Pet food aids in the assistance of cleaning teeth.

Characteristics Unique to the Breed

There are many cat breeds that are affectionate, but Ragamuffins go beyond. Their cuddle factor is extremely high, and moreover, they are quite large, so there is more to hug! They are attention seekers, and thus, they do not like being left alone. Owners who do not have enough time to be involved actively with their cat should consider getting another Ragamuffin. Life with one Ragamuffin is great, but living with two cats from this wonderful breed doubles the fun!

These cats want your love and attention, so when they are not sleeping, they are following their humans and offering their help when their human is doing the daily chores around the house.  Your RagaMuffin kitten/cat will know when their human is ill and will normally sit vigel for emotional support.

Health and Wellness

In general, Ragamuffins are healthy cats with no documented breed-specific problems. However, since Ragdolls and Persians were allowable outcrosses for a few years, there are chances that Ragamuffins have inherited the health problems of these two breeds, including polycystic kidney disease – a disease that causes renal failure. (PKD)  Another inherited disease that exists in some Ragdoll and Persian lines is the feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy – the most common heart disease in cats that causes thickening of the heart muscle. (HCM)

As breeding continues and cats that are tested negative for HCM/PKD are only used in most RagaMuffin catteries this is becoming a non-issue.  All our Breeding cats at RagaMuffin Cat World have been tested and are negative for HCM/PKD.

All reputable RagaMuffin Breeders have had their breeding cats tested for the HCM and PKD gene and are negative.  ragamuffin kitten napping

Why Choose a Ragamuffin?

Ragamuffins are non-aggressive which is why they should not be allowed outdoors. If they must go outdoors, they should be in a travelling carrier or on a leash with supervision.  They remain calm amid chaos, so they can live with families with children. They are prone to meeting their owners at the door and following them around the house. Ragamuffins are affectionate and loyal companion’s ideal for any household.

There are many articles about how much a cat can help with our stress and of course, loneliness. The RagaMuffin is perfect for the “empty nesters” as they will fill the house with joy!  The elderly or disabled find extra comfort in their special friend.


So……Why have a Cat?

There are many articles out there of the many benefits of having a cat!  I could write my own since I have enjoyed many years with RagaMuffins and with other cats.  If you Google:  “Why Own a Cat?” You will find pages that list the many reasons.

Here are just a few:


15 Reasons Why You Should Own a Cat

Did you know that in the United States, cats are more popular than dogs? There are 88 million cats compared to 74 million dogs. The furry feline creatures are great to have as pets. Click through to find out why.



13 Compelling Arguments For Why You Should Have A Cat In Your Home


Emotional Support Animals

Official Paperwork available for kitten or cat to be present

at a hotel, hospital or airplane.

Those who are looking for an extremely affectionate kitten should look no further. That’s right: kitten, not cat. Ragamuffins do not fully mature until they are four years old. Who would not want to have a sweet, fluffy kitten for four years? Ragamuffin kittens like to cuddle as they thrive on human companionship. They are very docile and patient, so they will not mind if little children decide to dress them in kitten sweaters and ride them around in a little “red wagon”.

Ragamuffins are the perfect pet for every household. However, the same characteristics that make Ragamuffins the ideal companion make them a less ideal choice for people who are busy working for long periods of time. They are not overly demanding; they simply do not like to be alone.  It has been proven that being alone or ignored for long periods of time can stress them and actually make them sick.

The Ragamuffin breed is relatively new, and thus it is still rare and expensive. They should not be allowed outdoors because they are very gentle and non-aggressive, making them vulnerable, so other animals might do them harm.  Many “cat” magazines now list them in the Top 10 most popular kitten to adopt.  However, they still remain unknown to many people.

Even though quite a few publications still compare the RagaMuffin to a Ragdoll, I find that my Adopters that have both say the RagaMuffin is very different.  

Muffin Cat World’s Houston

General Information:

Height/Length: medium-large to large

Weight: 8-20 pounds (Females on the lighter side, males weigh quite a bit more)

Lifespan: 12 -20 years

Coloring: RagaMuffins come in all colors

Area of Origin: America

 Breed History and Origins

Although many people think that the Ragamuffin is a new breed, there are many studies that claim that this is an old breed, but since it was recently accepted, people think it is new. The Ragamuffin’s history is intertwined with the Ragdoll history.

In the 1960s, a white domestic longhaired cat named Josephine produced several litters of exceptionally friendly kittens. Her next litter also produced friendly kittens, so Anne Baker, a breeder of Persians, became interested in these people-oriented kittens, and she bought several of them. She believed that these kittens are unique and have something special, and she was not wrong. She managed to create the original Ragdoll.

Anne registered and patented the name “Ragdoll”, and she also founded IRCA – International Ragdoll Cat Association. She controlled the breeding program and trademarked the name, allowing only members of the IRCA to use the Ragdoll name.

IRCA breeders had to follow Baker’s controlled guidelines and ask for her approval regarding mating. She was the only one who had the right to decide what cats will be bred to which mates. Ragdolls were not allowed to be registered or shown to the mainstream cat associations. As a result, these associations did not recognize IRCA Ragdolls.

Some breeders did not like these arrangements and thus they split from IRCA to form association on their own – RFCI (Ragdoll Fanciers Club International). By 1993, many breeders had had enough of Anne’s rules, so they chose to seek mainstream acceptance, and renamed their cats Ragamuffins.

Although similar, Ragamuffins are not identical to Ragdolls. Ragamuffin breeders wanted to improve the breed’s temperament and health, so their focus was more on the personality rather than physical appearance.  They out-crossed Ragamuffins to domestic longhaired cats, Himalayans, and Persians. They also wanted the RagaMuffin to have a “sweet look” so they have eyes shaped like a walnut.

The United Feline Organization first accepted the Ragamuffin at full show champion status. The American Cat Fanciers Association and Cat Fanciers’ Association also accepted this breed. However, other major cat associations refuse to accept them because of the close association to the Ragdoll breed.

Be sure and read ACFA and CFA’s Breed Standards to see what today’s RagaMuffin should be.  Also, when you adopt a RagaMuffin these are the only two organizations in the States which furnish registration papers which ensure you are receiving a purebred RagaMuffin.  You can also receive papers with the GCCF in the UK.

Others, such as TICA do not recognize the RagaMuffin Breed, however they will let you sign up to be a member of their show circuit. These RagaMuffins are not  “Authentic RagaMuffins”.


american cat fanciers association

American Cat Fanciers Association


cat fanciers association

Cat Fanciers Association



There are a few dozen Ragamuffin breeders across the U.S. and Europe. When it comes to breeding, the first concern is protecting and promoting the health of Ragamuffins both genetically and with quality care. Nevertheless, this breed remains one of the rarest breeds today. With a perfect balance both in physical characteristics and personality, the Ragamuffins are truly gorgeous cats. They are loving and sweet, often described as being like a fluffy “teddy bear”.

The Ragamuffin is a large, heavily-boned cat with a plush coat and a long tail. Heavy and large, they embody the essence of quiet and gentle power. The physical characteristics include a broad-chested, rectangular body with shoulders that support a short neck. Their head is broad and round with large eyes.

Ragamuffins are medium to large cats; males are significantly bigger than females. They have a long-life expectancy and fully mature when they are four years old.

Ragamuffins come in different colors and color combinations. Some of the patterns can also be found in Ragdolls. It does not matter whether the color of their coat is tabby, white, solid, mink, or tortoiseshell – they are striking and beautiful regardless of their color. Although the coat symmetry and pattern are not that important, breeders like the unique patterns and varieties that come within the breed.

Their coats are plush and thick, but still, they are easy to care for because they do not clump or mat with just a weekly brushing. Their softness is the reason owners are often found cuddling with their cat.

Personality and Temperament

The personality of the Ragamuffin is very sweet. Just like Ragdolls, they are huggable and want to follow their people around the house and sit in someone’s lap whenever possible. This breed goes limp when held; they really love their people and are extremely affectionate and cuddly. Although they are not very energetic and athletic, they love climbing scratching posts and playing fetch with their humans. Due to their gentle nature, it is advisable to keep these cats indoors because they are more vulnerable to the threats and dangers beyond the front door.

Their personality is exceptional, differing from that of other breeds. Many people who own a Ragamuffin say that just one of these big and cuddly teddy bears is not enough.

They are great with little children and other pets because of their docile nature and hesitation to use their claws when playing. Their patient and calm personality is great in combination with rowdy children. They do not mind attending little girls’ tea parties or dress-up games. They would do anything to get their belly rubbed or head petted.  They love to please their human!  If you want to use a body harness and leash, they can easily be trained to do so. They like to go on vacation too!




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