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Updated Spring 2021

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RagaMuffin Cat World is a BBB Accredited Cat Breeder in Louisville, TN
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About Us - RagaMuffin Kitten Breeders

RagaMuffin Cat World, home of the “Authentic RagaMuffins”!  Pedigreed CFA anragamuffin kitten graphicd ACFA RagaMuffin kittens for adoption!  RagaMuffin Cat World is a small cattery located just minutes from the Knoxville, TN airport in Louisville.  We are very close to Gatlinburg, so plan your trip for a get away and pick up your kitten on the way home!  We have close to 14 years experience breeding these “amazing” kittens and as you read about them you will see just truly incredible the RagaMuffin Cat truly is.

They are super sweet, cuddly with personality plus!  Truly the “teddy bear” of the cat world.  All our kittensragamuffin kitten dakota come with a health guarantee and are raised right along with us in our home until they are ready to become part of your family.

RagaMuffin kittens are very affectionate and love to follow their "humans" around the house, sit on your lap or be right next to you. If you are lucky enough to be owned by several RagaMuffins, prepare to be constantly followed, talked to, kissed and swarmed whenever you sit down.  The RagaMuffin breed has been voted in the top 10 by top magazines as one of the most popular kittens to adopt.  RagaMuffins will greet you at the door and don’t be surprised if you find your kitten drinking out of the bathroom faucet.  The RagaMuffin makes the perfect “companion cat” and is suitable for most families.

They will play fetch with toys you throw for them, and some will beg or pray, by sitting up on their back feet and putting their front paws together, in a praying or begging position.  You may even find that they put their paws around your neck for a big hug!

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I opened my email last year to find that we are highlighted as a RagaMuffin Kitten Breeder in Siggy Paradise Magazine! We are thrilled to be featured.  

You can see the entire article at the link below. We do have some updates to submit but we were very flattered since we would have had to had the recommendation of other RagaMuffin Breeders just to be listed.

siggys paradise article

Good Morning

Someone submitted your name into our system as a wonderful breeder!  We have checked your website an decided to highlight you in our blog! We love sending our families and clients to reputable breeders that go above and beyond like you are!  Please let us know you got this and if there are any changes you’d like us to make! It’s important to us that you are happy with it! Connie

RagaMuffin Cat World | Located in Townsend, Tennessee | Kittens

Link:         http://siggysparadise.com/kittens/ragamuffin-cat-world/

More news to follow…….……………

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2486 Topside Rd.

Louisville, TN 37777

2486 Topside Rd.

Louisville, TN 37777

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RagaMuffin Cat World is a BBB Accredited Cat Breeder in Louisville, TN